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Calliope’s approach to education is multifaceted. While teaching is our primary focus, we recognize that it is only one piece in an entire constellation of variables that determine success in learning. Therefore, we mobilize student’s academic resources and act as a bridge between our students and administrators, educators and parents. We work closely with academic deans, teachers, advisors, coaches, learning specialists and parents to address all aspects of our students’ educational needs.

Calliope mentors work with many students who have been diagnosed with learning differences such as ADD, dyslexia and disnomia. We view these as learning challenges and cognitive differences and have found that there is a code to each student’s learning process that, once discovered, permits easy access to all intellectual and creative endeavors.

Academic Mentoring

• English: Composition, Creative Writing and Literature
• Language & Culture: French, German, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish
• History, Social Sciences and Economics
• Math: All levels and Statistics
• Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Teleconferencing & Internet Mentoring Sessions

Telephone and internet mentoring sessions for students who are transitioning from high school to college or studying abroad or out of town.

High School and College Application Process

Guidance through all phases of the application process, including school selection and assistance with application essays and personal statements

Summer Session

Custom designed curricula for students who need to make up work during the summer or who wish to get a jump start on challenging material for fall


Home-based academic support for students who need an alternative curriculum or are homebound due to health issues

Standardized Test Preparation

Personalized test preparation for SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and Advanced Placement exams.