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Calliope helped our daughter to thrive in her challenging courses at a rigorous high school. Calliope mentors, who are not so many years beyond high school themselves, met our daughter at her exact points of inquiry with humor, encouragement, and tools she absorbed and reflects on today at college, knowing how lucky she was to have had Calliope on her side.

Parent of UHS Student

Paige’s methods for explaining are clear and very thorough, and she also follows through with practice and examples for me to try to make sure that I feel strong and confident with the topic. She is very patient with me, and often it takes me a few times practice or simply talking it out for a while for me to understand something, but Paige always makes me feel comfortable and encourages my learning style. As a junior, I have come to appreciate math in a completely different light than when I first started as a freshman, with confidence and faith that I have the capabilities to do it, and I can attribute this change to Paige and how much she has uplifted and supported me. She has truly made a very significant impact on my learning, without which I would not feel as confident and capable of my own abilities as I do today.

Angela Gutierrez | Student

The overall quality of tutoring was superior and just what was required at the time. With only three weeks left in the school year, Christina came on board at the last moment, saved what was almost a disastrous situation in a very short period of time, and completely turned it around.

We continued to have Christina tutor Nicholas in Spanish throughout the following year thus making his comprehension and language skills improve consistently and dramatically. Her weekly visits were met with great enthusiasm! Christina has a particular ability to relate to students of Nicholas’ age. As their weekly sessions progressed, they developed a great understanding and a mutual respect for each other. She also listens carefully, makes tedious material more interesting, and is able to motivate students to want to learn.

Bea Sikon | Parent

Like most people, Ben likes to feel that he is competent and is performing acceptably. Tutoring increased his sense of mastery and therefore his enthusiasm.

Molly Cooke | Parent

Kristin is marvelously gifted at teaching mathematics. A finds their sessions utterly enthralling.

Parent of UHS Student

Dear Will,
As you hopefully know, we have adopted you! Thank you so very much for being such a smashing mentor and teacher to C! In fact, C intends to continue her study of Art History in college and I know that you were a pivotal part of the creation of her keen interest in the subject. You have just been wonderful and C and I are so very grateful to know you…

Parent of Branson Student

I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary job you’ve done with R this year. R just received his spring semester grades and he crushed them (5 As and an A- in Photography). After stepping out of his freshman year at UHS, R has had an amazing recovery and is now at/near the top of his class with a 3.96 GPA. More importantly, you really helped R regain his confidence and enabled him to take advantage of his natural abilities.

Parent of UHS Student

I also want to say a special “Thank You” to Cecily. Cecily, P was encouraged by your enthusiasm and personal experience attending university in the UK. It gave her courage to step out there and apply for this opportunity. She will now have the chance to see for herself whether she wants to be across the pond for her next adventure.

Parent of Branson Student

Through talking to you about my likes an dislikes and life in general, I have been able to articulate out loud the feelings and emotions that would have otherwise been kept inside. Thank you for being such a positive influence on my life.

Irau Brooks | Student

I think that what makes you a great mentor is that you can always connect to your students on a personal level. The fact that you came down to my zoo makes you really special. No high school teacher of mine would have displayed that kind of friendship.
The Amazon was a brand new environment for me. I had a little trouble adjusting, but you helped me out, not only with my research, but with homesickness and mosquitoes as well.

Monica Chen | Student

Christina has provided sensitive, personalized tutoring for Casey, taking his special learning challenges into account. Her ability to communicate with his teachers at Urban allowed her to teach to their specifications and course needs. Her positive reinforcement has been essential to Casey’s success. Tutoring provided a real renewal in his own belief that he could succeed. This was due to his positive relationship with his tutor!
I believe Casey’s tutoring experience has been a most valuable piece of his high school experience. Not only has it helped him to meet the requirements of his language courses, it has also helped him to realize that even the most frustrating of academic challenges can be met with hard work, determination and a positive attitude. Casey’s experience with high school Spanish brought out some general learning differences, which we were not aware existed. Testing confirmed particular areas of difficulty. Without tutoring support, I believe that these difficulties could have become overwhelming, defeating Casey’s efforts in many areas beyond Spanish. Christina’s sensitivity to Casey’s “big picture” has been invaluable; he/we are more grateful to her for her remarkable support than she may ever know!

Linda Post | Parent

My son clearly enjoyed his sessions and seeing himself improve! It gave him a lot more confidence.

Isabel Wade | Parent

Allen is excellent. Greg is outstanding. Middy is wonderful.
Paige is a dream.
What would we do without you?

Parent of Stuart Hall Students

Ben is an absolute treasure and his relationship with M is progressing just as we’d hoped. I cannot thank you both enough.

Parent of Sacred Heart Student 

Dear Middy,
S set the curve for his physics class with the highest grade on the final. THANK YOU! (not for the grade but for igniting his interest in learning).

Parent of Lowell Student

I want to thank you for connecting us to Megan. She is a fantastic mentor! Not only does she have a thorough knowledge of the material, but also she is an exceptionally gifted communicator as well as prescient about likely questions that her teachers may ask on assessments. She has helped K enormously and, specifically for chemistry, provided her with an understanding of the fundamentals that seemed missing in her teacher’s explanations. Even though they only worked together for a few months, Megan provided measurable results.

Parent of UHS Student